• Text Liam Hess
  • Photography Tomas Turpie
  • 8th January 2019

What's the craic?

As one of the most aesthetic diverse line-ups fashion incubator program Fashion East has ever presented, their show this season was a rollercoaster ride: from the football pitches of Ireland to the sweaty clubs of Lagos before landing firmly back in 2019 London.

First, one of the two newcomers: Robyn Lynch is off to a strong start with a charming collection firmly rooted in her homeland of Ireland, directly inspired by both archival images of Dublin Games players and fans, and the style of her own dad. The looks came out in an exclusive palette of blue, white and (most appropriately) shamrock green, and the signatures Lynch has already developed over her short career — hybridised pieces consisting of Arran knits, fleeces, waterproofs — benefited from this tidy aesthetic cohesion.