• Text Louis Gabriel
  • Photography Joe Harper
  • 17th September 2017


Through his brand Asai, British designer A Sai Ta has quickly established a signature of shredded handiwork shot with references to Chinese culture and stereotype alike. Here, he showed what happens when experiences from a multiplicity of cultures collides.

Riffing on the the geopolitics of China’s power and influence, we got many de-constructed and reworked garments, some of which appeared to be physically caught mid-transformation. Delicate details prevailed, nods and references here and there – such as China porcelain thigh-highs, golden-gilded bamboo earpieces and nunchaku bags. Tarpaulin-like trousers sat central in the parade, and some of the popular franken-stitching and fraying techniques were brought forward from the last collection, ending a successful and electrifying presentation of might and fierceness.