• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • 23rd June 2013

Pilati's class

Stefano Pilati’s return was wrapped in a 360˚ video screen, machines thudding, stomping and stitching.

Those machines, at Zegna’s production sites, formed the basis of the (literally) industrial, foot-to-the-floor soundtrack, the Italian sending out a collection that said business as usual.

A mix of neat tailoring and flowing robe silhouettes in kid mohair, sable wool and silk, antique rose, tobacco and light jade, his take on the suit was not as mechanical however, breaking up tailoring’s matchy-matchy default to show personality through styling – Pilati’s personality.

There were 33 colours in this collection and the list of fabrics went on and on. Pilati is a modern gent who gets off on the thrill of getting dressed. He wants you to, too.