• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • 30th June 2013

The Sun Must Have His Shade

Kris Van Assche took us back to the Tennis Club de Paris this season, Dior Homme’s established location, after a couple of seasons away.

With Pet Shop Boys’ Paninaro on the soundtrack, a song referencing youths who’d meet at sandwich bars and fast food restaurants in Italy in the 80s, driven by designer clothes and pop music, his proposal was given a subliminal context.
Those are the exact things his customer does today, worldwide.

A collection of concise suiting and gloss sportswear, his seasonal statement was series of jackets with geometric patches – like dominos all in a line. Which is exactly what M/M Paris plastered on the 7″ vinyl sized invite, complete with disc sticker. For the finale, we had PSB’s Domino Dancing, as his models walked through a mirrored labyrinth. What was once a rigid line up fragmented into each other.
Feeling and looking the part, back to the sandwich shop they went.