Silence and ceremony

Craig Green SS15
18 June 2014

Look 8

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Those who bore witness to Craig Green’s first solo show yesterday were privy to a special moment, sublime in its poetic beauty.  After three seasons showing as part of MAN, the designer flew free in the wind and channeled this ceremony into SS15.

His models became bannermen, gliding to a soundtrack that lifted the room’s energy with its poignancy. It was a welcome change from an LC:M score that has for the most part been heavily beats driven. Cult became community, emerging from the shadows in garments built on a flat-packed concept, chameleon like in their ability to wrap and float alongside the body with equal grace.

It seemed the answer to what Green’s men were sailing for lies not in a cause but a direction, drifting in their chemical colours towards the brink of it all – the mind, the metaphysical – into perfect silence.

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