• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • Photography  Harry Carr
  • 20th June 2013

Dropping the glitterbomb

Last season, Christopher Shannon lured Leslie Winer out of the shadows to snarl on an exclusive soundtrack.

Apart from malice about “stupid fuckin’ outfits”, the poet/musician/icon barbed “congratulations on being a big fuckin’ deal.” Strip away the spite and the statement could be a one line summary of the designer’s SS14: Christopher Shannon is a big fucking deal.

Drawing from the birth of the superclub in the north west; Garlands, Paradise, Cream (but not so much the latter), Shannon fuelled his collection with an anything-goes euphoria, influenced by pre-high street clubwear and club flyers (we knew we were in for something special when the invite dropped: lads chilling in a room plastered with clubbing artwork and a holographic foil-blocked logo).

Built around sagger shorts and bomber-backed shirts, the collection segued through PVC, glitter, vinyl and translucent rubber, like a triple-filtered 90s Essential Mix. Then there was the brilliant swirling-logo knitwear, punctuated with stars on the back.

Better than Seb Fontaine giving you a Night Manoeuvres shout-out when Pete Tong had a week off – errr… – this collection was Shannon’s second banger in a row, cementing his soaring status.

This show had an immediate impact on others, too. The glitter swathing his models’ hair was a nightmare to get rid of, causing those showing afterwards to send the boys to the toilets and wash it out two, three, four times.

Some advice: never rinse away such magic. Just pair it with a Goldschläger shot.