• Text Lisa Walden
  • Photography Harry Clark
  • 13th June 2016


Drawing inspiration from George Lucas vision of a terrestrial dystopian future in THX 1138 (his first ever feature film) Christopher Raeburn took us to the moon and back for a space-themed show.

The British designer who is known for his innovative construction techniques and colour-driven approach to menswear devises dynamic themes that interplay with the clothes at hand. For SS17 he took it to the next level, documenting the extra-vehicular activity of a cosmonaut journey via bomber jackets with mesh sleeves, leather rocket bags and lunar graphics. Taking inspiration from pioneering construction, he toyed with idealistic stargazing and uncovered the power of both resilient and functional fabrications.     

A dialogue of flashing intergalactic lights complimented an eerie soundtrack, creating a cosmic zone for the models to occupy. His commitment to sustainable fashion was also mentioned in the show notes: Raeburns REMADE ethos is demonstrated through the Touch Down section of the collection in which the signature Airbrake parachute material has been re-imagined to form over-dyed shorts and classic outerwear menswear pieces. Innovative, sustainable and wearable: a collection with the future in mind.