Contains graphic imagery

17th June, 2013
Interview Dean Mayo Davies   

Dean Mayo Davies: Tell us about the inspiration behind your men’s collection this season…
Christopher Kane: I am fascinated with science and technology. I looked at graphic lines and 3D vector files from old computer graphics to modern day wireframe computer graphics, in the form of landscapes, portraits and bodies. Primary colour palette with black and white as backdrop to make colour pop.

DMD: How has the collection evolved? And what’s its relationship with your womenswear?
CK: I used the same slant for women’s resort and the men’s. The colour is very similar and I used same graphic lines too. It’s easier to cross over and not to over complicate things with men. To have good colours and great knits, and a jersey range that men can really buy into. Men love colour and pattern so its great to include iconic prints that are so recognisable as being Christopher Kane. Ever since our iconic bomb and killer monkey tees our menswear following has grown and becomes bigger every season.

DMD: What ambitions do you have for the future?
CK: My main focus is my womenswear, but I love experimenting with menswear. Men want more than just the traditional… and it also gives me something to wear. I like to keep it small but precise, with pieces that men instantly want.

DMD: What are you eyeing for your own wardrobe for SS14?
CK: My own collection.