• Text Liam Hess
  • Photography Emily Malan
  • 6th January 2019

Gotta Catch 'em all

Bobby Abley’s passion for the cartoons of his youth has seen him reference everything from Disney villains to Looney Tunes to the Teletubbies. It came, then, as a pleasant surprise to see him touch on that greatest of all 1990s youth phenomena, Pokémon: complete with a Pikachu walking the runway as the closing look.

Even if Abley’s playful nostalgia can sometimes lack subtlety, there was a lot of fun to be had in this trip down memory lane: shell suits, pyjamas and parkas covered in flames gave way to a look with an all over Charizard print (remember him?), while leather messenger bags came in the shape of Poké balls. A highlight was a football shirt in acid green, with a sponsor logo from Pokémon and a Bobby Abley crest across the breast – whatever you think of Abley, there’s no denying he’s a wizard when it comes to branding.