• Text Undine Markus
  • 9th January 2018

absolutely ballin'

Who hasn’t dreamt of having that winning lottery ticket? Blood Brother’s latest collection investigated notions of instant gratification, loaded expectations, and overindulgence by taking stabs at various potential scenarios of young Camelot winners. Set in a Millionaire Raffle-themed set, voiceovers pulled from Lotto live shows set the mood for the show.

The brand’s designer duo, Nicholas Biela and James Waller, continued to exploit their expertise in sweats and joggers with a conceptual touch that romanticised the dawn of Las Vegas as we know it.

This resulted in an exploration of all things nouveau riche, from diamanté appliques, opulent satin suits and snakeskin print to ski suits in Rolex green and metallic gold. Other defining looks consisted of quilted puffers, fitted leather coats, embellished white denim and faux fur coats paired with Del Boy gold chains – very Connor McGregor.