• Photography Joe Harper
  • Text Lakeisha Goedluck
  • 12th June 2017

Blooming sportswear

It’s no secret that the menswear industry is obsessed with streetwear. From the shift away from traditional silhouettes to the big-name collaborations that are announced every season, it’s here to stay, and few are so seasoned in the aesthetic as Astrid Andersen. 

A designer known for imbuing her pieces with a deft touch of luxuriousness, she repeatedly manages to strike a balance between structured silhouettes, delicate patterns and refined fabrics. This trademark juxtaposition surfaced yet again for SS18, but the Denmark-hailing designer replaced the opulence of last season with a fresher feel. 

Light blue and sea foam green washed over a collection that heavily experimented with texture. Silk bloom-printed bombers gave a graceful vibe to otherwise robust looks, while lace durags-turned-protective-hats served as hallmarks of a collection that riffed on a definite safari theme. Once again, Andersen offered up a line that’ll send streetwear fans wild.