• Text Lewis Firth
  • Photography Harry Clark
  • 14th June 2015

East meets West

Finery and flowery: the first-glance thought for Astrid Andersen’s SS16 collection. Hip-hop vibes are present and strong – of course – but while the aesthetic is lighter, the resulting execution is still as muscular.

What’s significant is how, season by season, Astrid has been slowly sharing her world, her tastes, and the hip-hop culture and community that has inspired her designs from day one. This time she took it to the next level. With the help of Red Bull Studios, Astrid gave us a stronger taste of her brand’s ideology, collaborating with A$AP Ferg on a specially made track and video.

The collection itself followed a familiar path to her oriental-inspired SS15 collection. Specifically, though, China’s societal dichotomy: a concrete grasp on tradition while simultaneously embracing the future. Astrid executes this through a multitude of ways. The stand-out facet being the Chinese florals, reminiscent of old-time Chinese brocade, modernised with fine-silks on basketball-tees, popper-fastened joggers, crop tops and shorts; all detailed with heat-transfers – a product of the on-going collaboration with Avery Dennison.

China’s light, decorative-arts heritage is a clear inspiration when it came to colour, too. Just as light: dusty sky-blues and pastel-purples. But with the interjection of neon green, creating a sharper edge. While the collection may seem light, tame and subdued, Astrid’s ideological approach has never been more macho, assertive, and damn-right dope.