The Danish firebrand’s crystal method

Astrid Andersen SS14
17 June 2013

Astrid Andersen’s man is so flawless he doesn’t even need a beat to march to. At least that’s what the aggressive, acapella rap that soundtracked the show told us.

A hyper buff parade of skintight and cutaway, rendered in velour, lace and Kopenhagen Fur mink did well to endorse the adage if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you look like that, then why not? Two seasons ago, Andersen’s SS13 collection examined the parallel between gym and religion, and her boys are clearly still paying £50 a month for their church. For SS14 they even got holdalls to swagger in with.

What makes this designer brilliant apart from the purity and passion of her vision is that it’s much more complicated than just body-as-temple and the covetable hyper-luxe sportswear that results. (You don’t need to trace Adonis’ silhouette to own a piece in real life, trust us). Andersen is fascinated in the dynamic between strength and sensitivity, which she contemplates at her Copenhagen studio, far from fashion politics.

Her man’s spent five months getting stoned on the restorative power of crystals. Green Tourmaline gives emotional support in times of change and Smokey Quartz is said to balance sexual energy. Both tinted this collection – imagine what he’d be like without the latter – along with a jewellery collaboration with Trine Tuxen. Empowered, protected and brought luck? Everyone wants to rock that.

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