• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • Photography  Alexandre Sallé de Chou
  • 28th June 2013

Obsessed with red stripe

YES. Every couple of years, Ann Demeulemeester, the high-priestess of dark and drapey, comes back to Beetlejuice stripes. Which is obviously a brilliant look.

Turning on the juice and seeing what shakes loose, sometimes they have the sepia feel of a Victorian circus, other occasions pyjamas. Today, in this collection, they were at their best: graphic, heavy red candy stripes. The best thing Jack White has never worn, if you will, totally adhering to The White Stripes white/red/black nothing-else dress code.

There was more than this palm-sweatingly covetable Demeulemeester tailoring however, as the designer flocked wisteria trails across other pieces, something she’s never done before. Perfect for a new customer and the man who already has Ann everything, then. Given her loyal following, that’s more than a few.

Us? We’re ringing round for the trousers from looks 3 and 7. The queue starts here, thank you.