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Amiri SS19
Fashion | 23 June 2018

Inside Paris’ grandiose Trocadero building, LA-native Mike Amiri brought a series of cut-and-paste LA subculture hybrids; mixing Venice skaters with Hollywood rockers to create his own Sunset Strip squad.

Transforming the setting into his own arena, Amiri’s sophomore Paris outing upped the ante as from behind the hot lights and purple-tinged smoke emerged this season’s gang, soundtracked by a medley that jumbled up Slayer, N.E.R.D. and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Having moved from Hollywood to Beverly Hills in the early 90s – a decision his parents took to keep a young Mike out of trouble – Amiri wanted to examine the juxtaposition between the two places and those who identified as each.

Each look packed a kick drum punch, pulled together with the backstage fervour of a gig on which it all depends. Embroidered leather jackets rubbed up against Kurt Cobain flannels, open silk shirts tucked into combat pants and skinny side-stripe track pants were layered beneath ripped skater shorts and oversized hoodies. Elsewhere, the designer’s signature bandana boots – suede with a bandana/chain hybrid buckle and harness – were reimagined as chunky utility footwear, and one boy – with slick purple hair, an embroidered black and white retro tuxedo jacket, shiny green drawstring pants and skeleton slip on trainers – provided Jared Leto’s Joker with the perfect look if he was to ever to swap menace for music.

Beyond the clear desirability of these clothes there is a holisticism to Amiri’s approach; an ode to LA from beginning to end, 95 percent of the collection was created by local artisans. And there’s your finesse, a credibility, dynamism and commitment towards the new generation of LA culture.

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