• Text Lewis Firth
  • Photography Harry Clark
  • 12th January 2015


The journey from boy to manhood in the western world: a relentless and unforgiving ride of expectations, contradictions and capitalist considerations.

Injecting sexual and gender exploration into this world is jeweller Alan Crocetti. Last season, his SS15 collection explored the multifaceted nature of opposing masculinities and how they fit into contemporary culture. FW15 follows the same path.

Effective and original, his latest collection is a coalition between sexual and corporate codes. Buckle-like and O-ringed fastening details on pieces (the latter referencing S&M) are a dichotomy between sexual domination and student signifiers; restraint and aggression, naivety and cynicism, dominance and submission, as the collection notes described. Styled with straight-legged trousers and vests tied at the shoulders, the context elaborated further Crocetti’s portrayal of the young adult male.