• Text Louis Gabriel
  • 12th January 2017

Better Razem

From within the confines of The Welsh Chapel Agi & Sam’s FW17 show was drawn into an eerie sense of reverence via the chopped and screwed techno delivered by DJ Holy Other, marking a special collaboration between the London brand and Boiler Room.

Fusing together music and fashion in an immersive experience, the duo said of the collaboration: “Today it seems there is a real disconnect between the fashion show ‘audience’ and the consumers, and as a reaction, we have worked to bridge this gap by working closely on a format that collides music, fashion, and consumerism.”

This theme of union continued through the collection as AGI & SAM X WOOLMARK COMPANY beamed across the domed ceiling – a nod to the fruitful collaboration that began with the duo winning the regional Woolmark company competition in 2015. “BETTER RAZEM” (translated from Polish as “Better together”) was spelled out across caps as boys and girls both walked together in a collection 80% wool: soft worsted tailoring looks, heavy melton wools, and overcoats in distorted prince of wales checks, mottled and boucle.

“Wool is one of the most versatile and innovative fibres in the world, and we have utilised a variety of techniques in order to reflect not only wool’s individual characteristics, but as a manifestation of the feelings of uniformity, togetherness and comfort that we are aiming to convey throughout the collection’s journey,” explained Agi & Sam.
Taking influence from gang culture, models faces came covered with t-shirts, scarves and ski masks, like millennial freedom fighters marching to a united 4/4 beat.