Sick of constantly flicking through radio’s Top 40 dirge? Take your finger off the dial and scroll down, we’ve recruited the musicians featured in HERO 16 to go diving through their record collections and come up covered in hard-hitters. Here, Swedish quartet Delagoon spin the tracks that inspire their own sound, from Patti Smith‘s romping My Generation cover to the melancholy sounds of Ian Curtis et al, it’s the perfect playlist to warm your cockles on these wintery nights.

Great music often transcends locale. Dissolving the walls of reality, those truly special bands transport you to alternative soundscapes. For Swedish quartet Delagoon, music holds this trait both mentally and physically, as a catalyst for their wanderlust.

“It’s so dark and sad here, we want to travel and play gigs around the world,” says frontman Charlie Falk with clear impatience. It’s this desire that drives his ambition and feeds directly into his musical output: harrowing glimpses of confusion and alienation, combining dream-pop languor with sinister and rattling drumlines that would make Martin Hannett weak at the knees.

Speaking of Martin Hannett (the sonic architect who shaped Joy Division’s austere sound), it was songs credited to his production that led an ideal set list Falk gave to his future bandmates – Axel Dagman (lead guitar), Anton Haeffler (drums), Christoffer Carlstedt (bass) – when they found themselves short of a frontman before a gig and recruited him with the promise of food and money (neither was provided). Falk agreed and the four went on to pen a whole set of originals during the soundcheck.


Now, with output befitting their vision, these wistful romantics with battery acid veins walk alone, with their gaze bowed. Or at least that’s the impression their music suggests. In reality, face-to-face (or webcam to webcam, in this instance), they are affable, passionate and possess a humour as dark and astute as their sound. Delagoon are the lost boys of the Swedish underground beckoning, “Come on, be one of us.”

Isolation by Joy Division
“It’s one of the best songs by Joy Divison, and that says a lot. Ian’s lyrics are chilling, the instrumentation is perfect post-punk and the song is a glimpse into the future of New Order.”

Age Of Consent by New Order
“It makes you wanna wear acid washed jeans, a neon bomber and travel back to the 80s. Imagine being at the Hacienda at it’s peek dancing to Age Of Consent.”

The Bay by Metronomy
“They probably want to wear acid washed jeans, neon bombers and travel back to the 80s.”

My Generation by Patti Smith
“Yes it’s a cover, but still it’s one of the best covers ever, and it’s Patti Smith.”

Never Understand by The Jesus And Mary Chain
”You just don’t understand it, man.”

Efter Festen by Laser & Bas
“One of the best Swedish bands right now, and they are one the same label as us. The singer is actually Charlie’s old teacher from school.”

I’m Not Dancing by Tirzah & Micachu
“Do yourself a favour and listen to this song.”

Remember by Iceage
“I think we all have a small crush on Elias Bender Rønnenfelt.”

Kool Thing by Sonic Youth
“Fear of a female planet, fear them.”

Somehow by Delagoon
“It’s a song.”

Delagoon, taken from HERO 16. Photography by Elsa Soläng.

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