Drop the needle

Brian Eno has made a turntable that glows with ambient colour
By Barry Pierce | Art | 12 February 2024

Back in 2021, Brian Eno (in conjunction with London’s Paul Stolper Gallery) produced Turntable I, a record turntable/art object that looked more like something you’d see in the Tate Modern than your front room. After the huge success of this first iteration, Eno has just announced Turntable II, a rounder, more ambient sibling to Turntable I.

Turntable II is made up of a platter and base, which change colour independently, seamlessly phasing through combinations of generative colourscapes. The pattern of lights, the speed at which they change and how they change are programmed, but programmed to change randomly and slowly. It plays both 33 and 45rpm vinyl.

“When it doesn’t have to do anything in particular, like play a record, it is a sculpture. So I like the idea of this continuity,” Eno says of Turntable II. “I started using light and video because I wanted to make visual experiences that had some of the qualities of musical experiences – that’s to say, that existed and changed in time. I wanted to make very slowly changing paintings, to blur the edges that separate those different forms.”

Turntable II is limited to an edition of 150 and will be available to buy online or in person on February 13th via the Paul Stolper Gallery


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