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Photo Diary: live from the debut show of Alex Wall and Matilda Dods’ alluring musical duo, Baptizm
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 2 September 2022

Last week marked the debut gig of Australian musical duo Baptizm; an intimate show at Surry Hills’ art deco Golden Age Cinema. Formed by romantic and creative partners, Alex Wall (formally of Wax Witches and Bleeding Knees Club fame) and writer/model Matilda Dods, together they cultivate a sound that pervades such a grand space; formed on grinding beats, crashing drums and vocals that flicker between ones that lull and others that scratch at your ears.

Having dropped their debut EP – Beyond the Castle Walls – in 2021, Baptizm return with their sophomore release: Silence of a Shooting Star. Lead single, The Drag, sets the pace. Centred around a couple on the run – so lost in each other, they cruise the highways, isolated in lust – that emotion is channelled directly through the band’s amps, emerging as brooding riffs and gorgeously ethereal melodies that break down into a feverish outro Alan Vega would applaud.

Below, we share an exclusive photo diary taken by Alex and Matilda at their Golden Age Cinema gig last week, while Alex fills us in on the band’s plans and ambitions.


On performing for the first time live…

“It was a mix of emotions really, excitement, fear, fun. We released our first EP a year ago, so it’s been a long time coming. It was amazing to finally play our debut and our upcoming EP live. We had a really good time learning the songs, putting the show together and just hanging out in the studio every week. The show itself was pretty scary, since we both haven’t played live in a really long time. But it went well and people seemed to like it, so we’re even more excited for the next one.”


On their live show…

“We have spoken a lot about what the presence of the stage show would be like. We want it to be beautiful, dark and captivating. Matilda moves so beautifully and has such a strong presence anyway, so that’s come pretty easily. I’m used to being in punk bands and thrashing around, so it’s a whole new world for me. I’m kind of just up there admiring Matilda from the other side of the stage and keeping a low profile.”

On what we can expect from Baptizm in the near future…

“We have a new EP, Silence of a Shooting Star, out on 23rd of September. We’re also heading over to the US to play some shows in September/October. We play Desert Daze on the 29th, which will be amazing, then we’ve got a show in LA with Vanishing Twin, and our Record Release show on the 6th of October in New York at Union Pool.”

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