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Euphoria’s powerhouse costume designer Heidi Bivens reveals all for Axel Arigato’s Talks podcast
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 10 August 2022

Euphoria’s headline-making costume designer, Heidi Bivens, is the latest guest to bear their soul on Axel Arigato’s Talks podcast – and to quote Sydney Sweeney, the show’s unlikely teary-eyed villain, we have never, ever been happier.

As you may know, Arigato has placed community at the forefront of its stylish operations since the sleek Swedish streetwear label was founded in 2014. Cherishing the budding minds of young fashion talent, they’ve ditched seasonal drops for weekly hot ticket items, laboured over feedback left by customers to inform new products, and produced zines and events that spotlight their wide web of creative minds. Still, it’s their fortnightly ‘Talks’ podcast – which has previously hosted the likes of musician Kojey Radical and The Transgender Issue author Shon Faye – that we’re currently most infatuated with. 

Above: still ‘Mid90s’ directed by Jonah Hill, 2018, costume design by Heidi Bivens

Connecting wave-making powerhouses to the Axel Arigato customer base, Talks is a celebration of the power of community and memorable experiences through insightful stories – which Bivens, of course, has in abundance. The Virginia-born stylist, whose host of career accolades includes designing the fashions of multiple Harmony Korine productions (you have her to thank for those acidic, neon bikinis and unicorn-patched balaclava’s in Spring Breakers), in addition to the co-launching of The Film Path, a non-profit that supports ushering in BIPOC and transgender actors breaking into the entertainment industry, details her “survival” of the Sam Levinson-directed debut season of Euphoria, whilst delving into the ways she sources and mood boards the luxurious wardrobes of its starring ensemble.

Giving listeners a peak behind the velvet curtain in the truest sense, Bivens later reveals where she nabbed some of Jules’ (Hunter Schafer’s) best pieces, and that one of the greatest gifts that a director can give her is the total trust that she can facilitate the vision of the project. “That’s the best feeling in any kind of workplace,” she continues, “it nurtures my creativity so much more.”

Axel Arigato Talks is available to stream here now on Spotify, with more episodes to follow each fortnight

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