Home comforts

Dior’s first ever home kit will give you second thoughts about ever leaving the house
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 28 May 2021

As the country eases itself precariously from a near fourteen-month slumber, embracing new routines and shedding old ones can be difficult. What was once the ‘new normal’ is now just ‘normal’ and the ebb and flow of our old lives feels overwhelming by comparison. With this in mind, Dior‘s menswear artistic director Kim Jones has created a new capsule for those of us who aren’t ready to say good bye to home-comforts just yet.

In this first for Dior, Jones’ new interior accessories are all about bringing small touches of luxury and comfort to all the most important places. Comprising a range of day-to-day necessities, there’s no question of you getting the most style for your sterling. From a silk-lined pochette night mask and slippers, both made from Dior’s iconic oblique motif, a luxurious stole and a jacquard pouch, the home kit is an open invitation for prolonged cocooning which we won’t be turning down.

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