In a newly unveiled industry-spanning collaboration between Polaroid and MSGM, the gloom of our current predicament is forecast to be replaced with resplendent rays of a hopeful future. In preparation, a new line of sunglasses have been jointly developed to shield the wearer from the onset of this glaring optimism.

Having initially worked together for a range of eyewear pieces that debuted during MSGM’s FW20 women’s show, Polaroid and MSGM have combined to forge two new styles. Polaroid, who created the first pair of polarised sunglasses as far back as the 1930s, invited MSGM creative director Massimo Giorgetti to rifle through their archive, pulling out basic shapes and forms to combine with his own vision.

What emerged was the PLDMSGM 1 and 2. The first takes its cues from the 80s, with square-cut rims that have been updated with MSGM’s signature vibrant palette of red, yellow and blue. The second come with more of an athletic feel, featuring a wraparound profile that wouldn’t look out of place in an alpine peloton. Both styles combine the science of Polaroid’s tinted lenses, meaning they not only look great but offer improved vision and protection from harmful UV. What’s not to love?

The Polaroid x MSGM capsule collection is available for purchase online, in all MSGM stores and in select opticians. 

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