The alluring lifestyle of Hollywood’s rich and famous is a well mined source of inspiration. In his latest Gucci campaign, Alessandro Michele offers his unique eye to the theme, casting French musician (and HEROINE 5 star) Soko and legendary actor Faye Dunaway as an eccentric Rodeo Drive mother and daughter duo, lensed by Michele’s close friend and collaborator Petra Collins.


Set within the sun-drenched backdrop of palm-lined avenues, Rodeo Drive stores, private pools and gated villas, Dunway’s character spends her passive days being chauffeured around in a limo, signing autographs, shopping on Rodeo Drive, lounging by the poolside, playing tennis and just basically living a fabulous life. All seen through the eyes of her wishful daughter. Oh the pains of being rich, huh?

Finally, the third, character within these scenes is the mother’s ever-present Sylvie bag. When the film comes towards an end the mother is seen giving her daughter a Sylvie handbag of her own, as a symbolic gift to treasure across generations. Watch the short film below.