• Text Katie Alcock
  • 17th September 2016

Granny gang

Taking a trip to MimiMount for SS17, Mimi Wade opened the Fashion East show with her mock Hollywood presentation. Stamped with ‘Suggested for Mature Audiences’ and ‘Sensational Lipstick Murder! Ask Mimi’ slogans, she twisted the taglines of silver screen hits to the tune of her passive aggressive kitsch.

Taking notes from noir and Japanese Sci-Fi flicks, her looks also borrowed a hoarder’s eccentricity from her Granny Pammy’s LA home, saying, “She’s got paintings she’s done herself next to a Bride of Frankenstein poster, then she’s got these really twee floral cushions and a fridge full of animal magnets.” Clustered in front the Magestic Mountain, her models appeared as a new wave of rebellious female leads.