• Text Lakeisha Goedluck
  • 26th September 2019

Garden of Dior

This week, Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg gave a speech to UN leaders over the climate crisis. “You have stolen my childhood,” the sixteen-year-old said, as she explained how those in power are failing to curb carbon emissions to ensure the future of the planet. Climate change has become a pressing issue on a global scale, and the fashion industry has routinely come under fire for its unsustainable practices. So, for her SS20 Dior offering, Maria Grazia Chuiri decided to focus intensely on sustainability. 

This season’s show was staged amongst 164 trees sourced by Atelier Coloco. Each tree had a label which read “#PlantingForTheFuture”, as Chuiri wanted this collection to draw attention to environmentalism and the biodiversity projects happening across Paris. Initially inspired by photographs of Christian Dior’s sister Catherine amongst the flowers in her beloved garden, a botanical scene was erected that radiated an air of rural tranquility. 

Within this garden, the rebellious, punk-lead vibes of FW19 were traded for a more delicate aesthetic: tartan was swapped for intricate floral embroidery, while the fierce, funeral-ready headwear of last season was replaced by artisanal straw hats. Houndstooth two-pieces were cinched in at the waist by woven belts, as ethereal longline dresses appeared as if they’d been plucked straight from a Pre-Raphaelite painting. According to the show notes, the takeaway was essentially that: “every small gesture counts in protecting and cultivating the beauty of our Earth.”