Tune those dials and turn those ears towards HERO’s monthly playlist. Every four weeks we’re serving up a set of tunes that come together as the 12-part soundtrack to your year. 

Last month Theresa May announced a snap election, sending British political discourse into further disarray. After a month on the campaign trail, we’ve already witnessed May struggle to eat chips in Cornwall, Corbyn join Boy Better Know, and politicians adhering to the three Rs of slogan propaganda: repetition, repetition, repetition.

As election day on 8th June nears and messers May, Corbyn and Fallon battle it out to secure your vote, we’ve compiled a playlist to soundtrack the campaign trail; from highs to lows, despair to disorder. Here, ballsy punk rubs up against sultry psych, timeless icons shoulder up to exhilarating newcomers, and glam aliens go up against CGI animals.

From revolutions to resolutions, here’s a playlist that’ll fire you up for that all-important vote on 8th June – remember, voting registration closes at midnight on Monday 22nd May, so if you haven’t already registered, get it done and make your voice heard.