Having released their debut four-track EP in January last year, Montreal duo She-Devils are back with self-titled full-length record, out 19th May. To celebrate, they are serving us up a double whammy: below we premiere the video for their lead track Hey Boy, and reveal a special playlist concocted by them, for you.

It was around four years ago that Kyle Jukka and Audrey Ann Boucher first joined forces under their united moniker “I think we’re linked souls on a shared trajectory toward an illusive and gradually shifting target, time had just woven together as creative partners before we could notice it happening,” says Jukka. Plugging in and followed this instinctive connection, the duo discovered their distinctive sound – like Dick Dale and Nico, should they ever meet in a lucid dream.

To mark today’s video premiere and the impending record release (described by Jukka as: “rock ‘n’ roll splatter on a breakfast plate with the egg yoke dripping from the edges”), here the duo have put together a playlist of songs that inspire and influence them. From the sleaze of Lux Interior to Air’s blissed-out tones, delve into the tracks that spin on rotation inside She-Devils’ heads.

Above: She-Devils’ ‘Hey Boy’ video premiere



Goo Goo Much by The Cramps
“The Cramps are just the best. They make me laugh and feel badass at the same time, which is how I want to feel all the time.”

Fell In Love With a Girl by The White Stripes
“I love the White Stripes’ brand of infectious simplicity and Jack White’s creative spirit.”

Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex
“T.Rex’s music is what dreams are made of. Top swoon!”

Bloody Jack by Serge Gainsbourg
“Serge Gainsbourg is the original French bad boy. Provocative, cheeky, sexy… Perfectly devilish.”

You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry
“Chuck Berry is awesome, this song is super awesome and I chose it because it soundtracks one of the most iconic dance scenes in cinema!!!”

The Glide by Annette Funicello 
“I listened to a lot of Annette when writing the first She-Devils songs, she’s an original Mouseketeer. All the songs on this album (Dance Annette) are about dancing.”

Young Love by Ric Cartey
“So sincere it breaks your heart and makes you beg for more.”




Surfing on a Rocket by Air 
“Such a vivid sound, airborn and comforting in an almost maternal way as much as music can be. music for flying in your imagination.”

Walking With Jesus by Spaceman 3
“To me its about the pleasure of loudness and repetition. on the surface it sounds like rock music but after pulled into its trance you start to realise its about something very different. I love the lyric “here it comes” in combination with the pounding drum. it really makes me feel like “on ya!! it’s coming!”

Dreams Do Come True by The Tornados
“I love these melodies, they’re so simple and beautiful. also the way some of the high bell sounds kind of distort has always sounded so surreal to me.”

Fun Dink Death by Eric Copeland
“Eric Copeland’s stuff really turned me on to the possibilities of what you can do as a beat maker. I always see his music like sculptures made of magically warped and bent materials that can sometimes take on the form of bubblegum pop and classic rock ‘n’ roll type stuff” 

Market by Eola
“So much fun to listen to! Pure sunlight.” 

Cosplay by Panda Bear
“He’s always so creative with sound. This track feels like Disney.”

Kinski Assassin by Ariel Pink
“Glides like air. Beautiful and hilarious.”

Hey Boy by She-Devils
“Hey Boy is one of our earliest songs, it’s very special to us for that reason. It evolved and changed with us, followed our rhythm, lent itself to our caprices but remained true to its essence.”

She-Devils debut record is out 19th May via Secretly Canadian, pre-order here.
The duo play at London’s Moth Club on 18th May.