Following up from the release of their FW16 campaign, McQ has teamed up with choreographer Nathan Mitchell and director Phillip Lopez for a super dark short film ominously titled Eating Emotions (chased by sounds).

In the film Nathan Mitchell and Sonoya Mizuno act out the fragility of romance, channeling the elating highs and stomach crushing lows of romance through dance. The pair deftly depict the unspoken dialogue that can mount tension within an all-consuming relationship, set to an original score by Dutch E Germ (Gang Gang Dance co-founder Tim DeWit).

McQ’s film is the latest of several cinematic fashion films to be released in recent weeks, from Bruce Weber’s martial arts movie for Versace to Miu Miu’s Crystal Moselle’s skate pack doco for Miu Miu, from Spike Jonze’s Fatboy Slim-esque short and Carrie Brownstein’s internet parody, both for Kenzo.

All together it reflects a changing digital media landscape that’s seeing brands employ the creative potential of film in their communication strategies. Time will tell what this means for the industry on a broader scale – but if we get to watch engaging film work like this short from McQ, bring it on. Watch it below.