Brothers Jack and Archy Marshall – known respectively as Mistr Gone and King Krule – have teamed up to create an immersive, interactive exhibition titled ‘Inner City Ooz’ which kicks off today at Holborn’s Display Gallery.

Archy requires little introduction, the hollow-cheeked South London troubadour has taken the music world by storm with his candid social commentary. His brother Jack may not be so instantly recognisable, but as an up and coming artist his name is one to keep an eye on. Remember the monochrome artwork for Archy’s critically acclaimed 2013 debut Six Feet Beneath The Moon? Jack, all the way.

In Inner City Ooz, the brothers have put together a diverse body of work incorporating poetry, music, painting, illustration, silk-screen and linocut. Memories and past experiences take physical form through a Basquiat-esque approach, scurrying your eye line across pieces which have been passed back and forth between Jack and Archy, gradually building layer upon layer, lyric upon drawing, pen upon paint.

The exhibition addresses the progressive role of the artist within a developing, frenzied metropolis. Archy has long been fascinated with this subject matter, creating escapist soundscapes built on the subconscious intake of information, in his eyes ‘the brain is an industrial soundscape’, this mindset is reflected within his urban rhetoric. Inner City Ooz further explores this prospect – a secluded, fictional environment where the viewer can seek refuge from the outside world, inciting a visceral reaction.

Tape players are dotted around the two floors, voiced by Archy’s lyrics, memories recorded and then sampled, which poetically soundtrack the artwork, combining art with music and alluding to the common threads which align the two. On opening night, a drum kit stands in the middle of the lower floor, a percussionist improvising accompanying rhythms to an ambient composition that runs on a constant loop throughout the night – an instrumental description of the artwork.

In heading down to check it out you can also get your hands on a a limited edition zine. Designed by the pair to accompany the exhibition, it features poetry, unseen photos and personal essays by the artists.

Inner City Ooz by Jack and Archy Marshall, until 27th September at Display Gallery, 26 Holborn Viaduct EC1A 2AQ, London