Launching this week at Temporary Museum for New Design is Henzel Studio Collaborations Volume #1, an unprecedented collection of rugs featuring collaborations by Helmut Lang and Anselm Reyle. The line between art and function dissolves and it all gets a little hazy, as the best things are; it being a format all the greats have touched at some point over the years from Bacon, Bourgeois and Calder, to Lichtenstein, Picasso and Warhol.

Lang’s contribution plays the idea of a sculpture, with a multi-level, contrasting surface where the idea of the silhouette comes into play; whilst Reyle’s artwork is founded in a piece from his signature form series, mirroring the metallic attributes of the original project.

In addition, special Calle Henzel pieces are also displayed, Titled Diamond Dust / Nordic Raw and based on a seven year scientific experiment exposing rugs to the harsh environmental elements of Northern Sweden. Freeform designs are informed by erosion, snow and its thawing process and seasonal germination, with another drawn from the meteorological phenomenon of ‘Diamond Dust’, a ground level cloud composed of tiny crystals. All rugs are handmade from Himalayan wool and silk, using centuries’ old artisan practices in Nepal.

Plus, keep an eye out for more artists in the Joakim Andreasson-curated series, as Juergen Teller, Richard Prince, Scott Campbell, Leo Gabin, Jack Pierson, Linder and Marilyn Minter have also signed up. Walk lightly and don’t leave a trace.

Diamond Dust / Nordic Raw, Henzel Studio Collaborations: Helmut Lang and Anselm Reyle runs from 8th to 13th April at Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27, 20144 Milan, Italy