Tame Impala man Cameron Avery has composed an original song to soundtrack AllSaints’ new summer campaign.

Titled Instant Summer, the sun-kissed imagery takes on an extremely well-timed journey of escapism to the coastal Indian state of Goa. Known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, AllSaints take inspiration from the 90s trance scene that built on the location’s hippie culture in the 60s and 70s, taking its spirituality, full moon parties and collective transcendence and setting it to pulsing, 4/4 trance.

Drawing on that idea of community, AllSaints ensemble a cast of local and global characters all fitted in the brand’s latest collection – louche tailoring cast in smokey sunset hues. As they embrace the sun, sand and scooters of Goa, Cameron Avery’s original composition proves the perfect soundtrack – all blissed-out chords and languid vocals. “My influences at the time were a little askew to what I’m normally doing,” the musician tells us of the process behind the track. “I started tuning my guitars and basses differently to find some other harmonics within the chords I was playing around with, that and the motion of the footage I had seen from India sort of pushed me towards the humming and droning stuff which comes up later in the song.”

And the campaign’s Goa influence is a natural point of reference for AllSaints Chief Creative Director Wil Beedle, who has a long history with the location: “I’ve been going to India for years, both in a professional capacity developing collections with our incredible manufacturing partners, and as a place to escape… Goa in particular offers a unique kind of paradise, one which feels all the more dreamlike given the recent events we’ve all been going through. AllSaints’ summer campaign is an emotive postcard memory of the time we spent there, pre-lockdown. From riding beach motorbikes to wading into the ocean, to dancing at dawn as sun rose on another day.”

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