Late last year, a fake Rage Against The Machine tour poster ‘leaked’ online, leading frenzied fans to speculate that a huge announcement was coming. Earlier this week, it finally arrived: after almost a decade, the legendary band are reuniting for a seven-month worldwide tour.

As for the real poster? It’s been designed by none other than Virgil Abloh, who shared the punchy visuals on Instagram. “The re-launch is timely, if not fate,” he wrote alongside the post. “We finished the identity design and tour poster last night. Zack’s voice alone kicks a necessary dent in the globe.”

It’s this willingness to make a political statement that unites Virgil and the band, whose biggest hits issue a swift ‘fuck you’ to police brutality and cultural imperialism. Virgil is also no stranger to political commentary: back in 2017, he teamed up with artist Jenny Holzer to draw attention to the plight of Syrian refugees risking their lives to leave the country.

Fittingly, the tour is called ‘Public Service Announcement’ – and now more than ever, it seems these are artists with an urgent message to send.

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