Having recently surpassed a landmark 1.5 billion streams across the globe, HERO 21 star Alec Benjamin has now announced the release of his highly-anticipated debut record, These Two Windows – the follow-up to his acclaimed mixtape Narrated For You.

Set to drop on 3rd April, fans recently got a taste of the new album via lead single Demons, a vulnerable track in which the US single addresses his inner anxieties and struggles while citing his relationship as the thing keeping him afloat.

Referring to himself as a narrator instead of a singer-songwriter, it’s this ability to tap into ‘taboo’ subjects and project them with lyrical authenticity that has seen Benjamin gather a loyal and passionate fanbase. “I love singing but, to me, the puzzle of trying to fit an interesting concept into a song that also appeals to people, that’s very mentally stimulating,” Benjamin told us inside HERO 21.

Alec Benjamin’s debut record These Two Windows is out 3rd April.

Read our full HERO 21 interview with Alec Benjamin here.

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