Through their music, Manchester trio Badgirl$ reflect the world around them: fluid, spikey and very difficult to predict. Slicing and splicing different sounds, genres and influences, the group’s magpie-approach feeds a highly original and authentic sound that slides between Britpop, trip-hop and trap – with Manc’s post-punk undertones brooding throughout.

It’s this potent mix that surges through the group’s debut nine-track mixtape Bethnal. An ode to the band’s time in East London, squeezing into a one-bed after band member Billi dropped out of uni, the work represents a collagist signal of intent that sounds as good in the moshpit as it does on the dancefloor.

Unpicking their influences, the group pinned down five musicians and films that are on repeat in their heads.

Young Thug

“He’s a big influence on the way we approach music: honest, direct and fucking amazing. He’s the most real person in the industry, fuck these lames. Me or Us is a true masterpiece as good as Two of Us

The Darjeeling Limited (2007) dir. Wes Anderson

“Being men, love, suits, cigarettes and we’re all lowkey Asian so it’s close to home. That film is a whole lot of nose and we’re here for it.”

The Beatles

“Best friends the world has ever had. The Beatles are the most direct inspiration on us while we’ve been a band. I never listened to them because I thought I was too cool, but how wrong could I be (bubz)? Two of use is one of our favourites.”

Lil Tracy

“Number one always. Most underrated, most misunderstood, most influential – he’s just always getting better. We would love to be boys with Tracy. Filet mignon is the hardest track, hardest video.

 Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) dir. Edgar Wright

“We feel that this film is about our lives in many ways: 90s rock, band tees, love, life lessons, Beck (lol), Micheal Cera. What could be more Badgirl$?

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