The brand new HERO Summer Zine is OUT TOMORROW! Buy it here. With Nicholas Hamilton, star of IT and the upcoming IT: Chapter 2 on the cover.

Plus four posters by Gosha Rubchinskiy from his new music project, GR-UNIFORMA.

Nicholas Hamilton on the cover of The HERO Summer Zine 3

Personal sketches from actor Josh O’Connor, Doug Inglish’s casting archive, the latest installment from Patrick Waugh/BOYO Studio.

An contributions from:

Danielle Levitt
Daniyel Lowden
Davey Sutton
Doug Inglish
Eber Figueira
James Robjant
Josh O’Connor
Kingsley Tao
Marco Van Rijt
Martina Nilsson
Naguel Rivero
Oscar Lange
Patrick Waugh/BOYO Studio
Samia Giobellina
Sharon Chitrit
Simons Finnerty
Steve Morriss
Trevor Stones
Winter Vandenbrink

Get your hands on a copy!