To the piercing beat of a Garde Republicaine drummer, last September Hedi Slimane kickstarted his tenure at the helm of Celine. Realigning the house with his own laser-focused vision, we were given a lesson in French new wave design codes – plucked from their Left Bank regular backbooths, an 80s Jeunes Gens Modernes crowd spilled directly onto the catwalk with nonchalant shimmer.

Amidst the collection, Slimane also revealed his debut Celine Art Project collaboration, teaming up with Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay. In reference to Marclay’s 2015 Surround Sounds exhibition at the Paula Cooper Gallery, in which comic book sound effects – such as “SHEEEE”, “TIC” and “BAM!” flashed across walls with dizzying effect, onomatopoeic comic book collages were translated as prints, patches and hand-embroidered couture dresses. Instant must-haves.

Now, the wait is over and these Christian Marclay collaborative pieces are available to purchase online and in newly-refurbished Celine stores across the world.

And Slimane’s interest in Marclay’s work isn’t difficult to unpick. Concerned with the relationship between sound, noise, photography and film, many of the artist’s most famous works have seen him manipulate gramophones, records and turntables, twisting their function, form and appearance – presented at Tate Modern in 2004, the Christmas section of Marclay’s record collection alone stretches to over 1,200 (impressive). However the California-born artist is perhaps best known for his 2010 work, The Clock, a painstaking 24-hour installation that slices together clocks or timepieces from films in sync with real time.

Shop Celine’s Christian Marclay collaboration online and in stores now.