Last year Helmut Lang launched its Logo Hack series, in which the brand taps different artists to collaborate on a number of capsule collections, twisting the Helmut Lang DNA with their own artistic vision. Having previously recruited LA-based artist Brian Roettinger, the brand now turn to Siberian-born artist and activist Slava Mogutin.


Known for a body of work championing youth in his native Russia and challenging taboos surrounding homosexuality and masculinity in the face of severe oppression. Born in Siberia, Mogutin moved to Moscow at fourteen. Targeted for his writing and activism, in 1994 he was exiled from the country having attempted to register the first same-sex marriage in Russia with his partner at the time, US artist Robert Filippini. Fleeing to America, Mogutin became the first Russian to be granted political asylum in the US on the grounds of homophobic persecution. Since then, he has continued to work at the forefront of queer representation in art and questioning gender.

Photographed by Mogutin on a cast of his friends including adult entertainers, models and queer activists Sean Ford, John Tuite, Guilherme Scarab and Keon Casmi, for his Helmut Lang collaboration, Mogutin worked with his art director Jan Wandrag on a number of slogans and prints placed across tees and sweatshirts.

In homage to New York’s go-go boys ‘Helmut Go-Go’ is the title design created in a style that mirrors mechanics and contractor’s uniforms, while ‘1-833-HELL-YES (1-833-4355-937)’ invites wearers to call the number and listen to a series of prompts recorded by Slava himself. Elsewhere a ‘Stock Boyz’ extension boasts garments featuring images from Slava’s 2008 work of the same title

The collection is available now at Helmut Lang stores and online.