Opening this Friday, M. Goldstein’s latest group show is as diverse and personal as ever. Curated by Pippa Brooks, the exhibition welcomes nine artists to show under the same roof, with no particular theme or connection other than Brooks’ personal liking: “Maybe the theme is always my taste?”

Here, Brooks takes us through pieces in the exhibition: from nudes painted on vintage porn mags by filmmaker and artist John Maybury, to sculptural headpieces made from found trash by hairstylist Shiori Takahashi. Amongst M. Goldstein’s collection of antiques and rarities, there’s a little something for everyone – without pretence, lap it up.

John Maybury

Lost Boys, acrylic on porn magazine paper.

“Maybury started making this series in the summer of last year, but the practice of painting on vintage porn magazines has been a constant since he started working in this style in the late 70s.”

Princess Julia x Noki

Backstreet Girls, oil on canvas, stitched fabric, collage and graffiti marker.

“Noki describes their working process as an art medium transfer. Princess Julia’s celebrity portraits of Grace Jones, Celine Dion, Rihanna and Madonna are collaged and subverted with graffiti pen. Replacing the painted eyes with eyes cut from a Backstreet Boys t-shirt, a “corporate textile garment,” committing collage blasphemy, inspired by Dadaist collage practices.”

Louise Gray

Leg It, large scale poster.

“A large poster image to be blue-tacked on the wall. This is an enlargement of one of Gray’s inspirational word and image works, specially produced in a limited run for the group show.”

Shiori Takahashi

Roding Road E5

“Hairstylist Takahashi makes these sculptural headpieces from found rubbish. Creating beauty from trash is a personal project, though her ‘head props’ have been spotted in Art School‘s runway show and her artful weaving of ring pulls and other found detritus into wigs and hair have been seen in her editorial work.”

Liza Keane

Love series: vol II: Woman In Love, mixed media illustration: pencil, watercolour, acrylics.

“Keane describes this piece as being about the vulnerability you feel when in love. A feeling of being at the mercy of another person. In her final year at CSM, all Keane’s illustrations relate to her final collection which she will be presenting in a few months. She has created a universe for her ‘dream girl’, exploring themes of eroticism, sainthood, restraint, death, temptation and control.”

William Selden

Composition In Yellow, digital painting.

“Selden says his “work is a tribute to the painters I love, with a chunk of myself thrown in.””

Rachael Robb

Skull, oil on wood panel

“An accomplished painter whose still-life, whilst referencing the modern world, echoes Renaissance memento mori paintings. Robb’s signature chiaroscuro style lends drama and emotion to the painting.”

Millree Hughes

Mixed Drawings On Instagram, Norman Thelwell here drawn on top of Hans Baldung in sharpie on paper.

“Brooklyn based artist, Hughes’ artwork is either made digitally or about making art digitally.”

M. Goldstein’s group show runs from 1st – 14th March at 67 Hackney Road, E2 8ET.

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