For the latest publication in their limited-edition run of hard-back tomes, Gucci have once again teamed up with renowned British photographer Martin Parr for a book that combines the brand’s 2018 Cruise collection with Parr’s inimitable eye for the every day.


Named after the 1993 New Order single, World (The Price of Love) is shot in Nice, Gucci’s Cruise location last season, where Parr captures beach-goers and casual passers-by alongside models clad head to toe in Gucci Cruise. For those who couldn’t make the show, this is your chance to get a taste of the location with images taken around the city, from the Cannes Hotel to the Carlton Beach Club. Otherwise, this is your typical beach scenery: inflatables, melting lollies and sun cream, the usual rites of passage that come with the Riviera’s blazing heat, captured in a way only Parr can. The legendary photographer, who has consistently focused on the theatre of life that accompanies British summers by the sea, will be present at a book signing held at the Gucci Garden celebrating the book’s launch.

WORLD (The Price of Love) is distributed by IDEA books and is limited to 1000 copies, available from the 29 November.