In the past decade or so, the traditional shopping format has been scrapped in favour of more immersive and creative blueprints. Consistently at the forefront of this shift, Selfridges’ latest move sees it install a full skateboard bowl in its London store, marking the opening of the Designer Street Room, a new space catering to a mix of luxury, street and progressive fashion.

Placing street and luxury fashion side by side, it’s a move that absolutely makes sense given what’s been happening on the catwalk: as major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Dior embrace a new generation of consumer; one more likely to spend their money on logo tees and bulky sneakers. Designed with Jamie Fobert Architects and spanning an impressive 18,000 sq ft, the new Designer Street Room houses 88 brands (40 new to Selfridges) including flagships for the likes of Gucci, Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh, Stone Island, Amiri, Versace and Kenzo.

And in the middle of the space stands a fully enclosed skate bowl conceptualised by The Mighty-Mighty and managed by a team of five skaters, including by pro skater Ross McGouran. Oh, and yes, anyone is welcome to turn up, drop in and showcase their skills – open to all ages, walk-ins are welcome, or book online here. While the bowl will also be used as a space for Q&As, live performances, exhibitions and events.

Open from today, in celebration of the launch London-based Brixton’s Baddest Skate Shop are running a special residency, stocking decks, hardware and clothing.

So grab your board and head to Selfridges – it’s much warmer than your local skate park.