Top image: Nightmare On Elm Street (1985) dir. Wes Craven

Above all else, Halloween is about digging out those ultimate frighteners and getting a bit jumpy. The hardest part of it all? Deciding which horror flicks to make up your hair-raising movie marathon. No fear, we’ve heard your howls and asked some of Hollywood’s most exciting young names for their horror film recommendations. Welcome to The Collective Scream of Young Hollywood: an insider’s guide to crapping your pants. Fill your boots. Or underwear.

First up is Blake Jenner. Having cut his teeth making parody eHarmony commercials and short films with his high school pals, this year saw Jenner realise his long-term ambition, writing, co-producing and starring in his very own coming-of-age feature film, Billy Boy. Having also recently starred in American Animals, following the true heist story of four Kentucky University students attempting an audacious multimillion-dollar art theft, Jenner knows a thing or two about teenagers in trouble. Therefore it makes perfect sense that his Halloween film choice should be Wes Craven‘s original 1985 Nightmare On Elm Street. Whatever you do, just don’t fall asleep during this one…

Blake Jenner selects Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) dir. Wes Craven:

“I actually have been re-watching scary movies with my cousin as of late since it’s October. I remembered how much I loved the original Nightmare On Elm Street. My brother Ricky was absolutely obsessed with the series growing up. Re-watching it now just reminded me how cool of a villain Freddy is. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that he can show up and kill you in your dreams, therefore killing you in real life is frightening as hell. But he’s also got this twisted sense of humour, this swagger to him that’s both intriguing and frightening, and he handles his glove of knives as though it’s an instrument he’s studied for quite sometime. I think he’s coolest villain for sure and he still holds up.”

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