Third Man Records, the independent record label founded by Jack White, has announced the launch of a new Nashville photo studio and lab.

Now accepting film via mail from photographers worldwide, White has recruited a skilled team of darkroom staff who specialise in high-quality photographic film development and analog print processing. As with his music recording and production, the former White Stripes frontman’s latest venture boasts a commitment to analog equipment. Here, those traditional methods are combined with modern digital practices in order to yield the best possible results.

“Third Man’s photo chemists hand process C-41 (Color Negative), Black & White, and E-6 (Color Positive/Slide) films, and they use traditional photographic enlargement techniques to create one-of-a-kind archival quality prints from film negatives,” reads an accompanying statement. “This is a hands-on, all analog process, which yields the highest quality photographic prints possible: completely free of pixels and ink.”

The Third Man Blue Room facility is currently available for limited bookings as a photo studio. Please send all inquiries to and follow them on Instagram.

Listen to a playlist Third Man Records put together for us here.