In the past decade 3D scanning has gone from sci-fi fantasy to one-click Amazon purchase. Now, Stockholm based jewellery studio All Blues have teamed up with architect Filip Mesko to translate this technology to a revolutionary approach to jewellery personalisation.


It all involves a large 3D scanning pod – big enough to replicate that special person in shimmering silver form – which will be present at a special in-store event at Alex Eagle in London (October 18th – 21st). Simply place the object or person inside the scanner and, through the magic of technology, the scanned file creates a mould, which will then be used to cast your copy into a 925 sterling silver piece. A baby bump as a keyring? A mini version of yourself to hang around your partner’s neck so they NEVER forget? Your lucky pair of underpants as a paperweight? Nobody’s judging here…

However, the guidelines for this process are somewhat compromising as the object or person being scanned needs to stand completely still, so that’s a no to small children or animals. Nor is it possible to scan objects that are transparent, glossy, too thin or too fluffy. So that’s your little pooch out of the picture too. Soz.

All Blues in-store event takes place at Alex Eagle 18th – 21st September.