Emerging British label Collusion has listened to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the country’s next generation, asking eighteen year-olds on the cusp of adulthood from cities all over the country the question, “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?”

The gender-blurring brand, which is backed by ASOS and structured around an annually evolving line-up of six young creatives who collaborate on influencing each collection, is intended as a self-contained representation of contemporary youth – clothes designed and worn by the same demographic. The campaign tells the story of 100 teens from London, Brighton, Glasgow and Birmingham, creating a visual census brought to life through a series of short videos and portraits from director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan. This is the generation born in the year 2000, an open casting call with no restrictions set on shape, size, gender, identity or ethnicity – for “any living human, able-bodied, or not, from all walks of life.”

From budding photographer Papa Nii Akushey who dreams of his photographs being looked at in 100 years to Joe Ripley and his life-long struggles with diabetes and Garcia who runs her own podcast, the thirty second clips are snapshots of into the lives of those who are looking to the future. The project points towards a new socially-orientated model being pioneered by Collusion, one that merges the role of consultant and consumer, handing power back to the youth market to build a brand around their own needs and moral standards: from the cut of a jacket to innovative marketing strategies and affordable price points. Watch the full series of videos here.

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