In his latest appearance for Fendi‘s FW18 eyewear campaign, an unexpected twist sees Jamie Campbell Bower receive the unwanted advances of an admirer armed only with a camcorder and a neurotic love for the actor-slash-musician.

We’re in Rome, naturally, watching Jamie kick back in the tub wearing his Fendi frames for some off-duty downtime before taking to the stage with his five-piece punk outfit Counterfeit. The phone rings. “Signor Campbell Bower, a video camera has been delivered for you”. Back in the tub, the camera, which arrived in a box with a note saying, ‘Play Me’, reveals footage of Jamie ambling through the city’s streets, wearing – you guessed it – another pair of killer Fendi shades. But something’s not right. The footage is shot as though someone has been watching him, shadowing his every move as he makes his way under the arches of Palazzo Della Civiltà, Fendi’s HQ as of 2015.

Who is the mystery admirer? Where did the camera come from? Where can we get our hands on those shades? For now, we can only answer one of those questions – head over to to see the full collection.