In her debut fashion campaign, Ms. Lauryn Hill stars as the face of ‘American Soul Since 1830’, Woolrich‘s new campaign celebrating America’s rich heritage of musical prowess through one of its most gifted practitioners.

The campaign marks a new chapter in Woolrich’s strategy, one rooted in the individuals whose musical ingenuity echoes across time and space. Enter stage left Ms. Lauryn Hill, the Fugees singer whose one and only studio album The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill not only went eight-times platinum in the US but conquered new musical ground with a blend of genres across tracks that have been referenced ever since. Hill announced earlier this year that she would be marking twenty years since the albums release with an arena tour of UK and Ireland across five dates in November and December 2018.

In an exclusive performance for Woolrich, Hill performs Ex-Factor, her most successful UK single from the album and an emotional message on her estranged relationship with former Fugees member Wyclef Jean. For Woolrich, the performance is accompanied by text from the artist, detailing her love of American Soul, the history of the genre and its legendary forefathers who were so pivotal in the development of Hill’s own sound.

It’s not commonly known that in addition to her musical talent, Hill has also been sewing and designing many of her own clothes for the last five years. For the collaboration she came up with over thirty jacket sketches that incorporate her own eclectic personal style, not only her album covers that are screen printed onto outerwear, but also logos, concepts and materials that she conceived.

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