Top image: Still, ‘Relic Traveller’ (2017) dir. Larry Achiampong

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Marina Abramović in the East End

Held in association with Sculpture in the City, this new – and completely free – festival is bringing some of the art world’s most exciting international names together for one night of performance, video, sculpture and sound spread across the East End. Transforming a number of cultural institutions in close proximity to the Whitechapel, the evening will open otherwise unseen corners, creating site-specific audio compositions and architecture that allow visitors to ‘hear’ the area as never before.

Among the many highlights, including works by Marina Abramović, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and Sean Scully, Peruvian artist Lucia Monge will create a ‘walking forest’ with her Plantón Móvil installation. By handing out plants, shrubs and small trees to participants, plant and human will move as one, creating a foliage that will make its way down the street. Birnam Wood, eat your heart out.

Nocturnal Creatures is on Saturday 21st July, from 6–11pm at Whitechapel Gallery.

Photography by Platoni Movil. Nocturnal Creatures at Whitechapel Gallery.

Superheroes with a social conscience 

In this day of prequels, sequels and remakes, it’s rare for a film as immensely popular as Brad Bird’s 2004 Incredibles to leave a gap of fourteen years between a follow up. The wait has been tortuous but worthwhile, with Incredibles II picking up right where the first left us: the attack of The Underminer.

The plot mirrors many of the same themes explored in the first; society’s rejection of so-called ‘supers’, domestic turbulence, identity crises and ultimately winning back the heart of the public. This time though, it’s Helen’s (Mrs Incredible) time in the spotlight, while husband Bob is left at home for a taste of domestic life. There are some genuinely snort-inducing moments littered throughout, with an ominous message about our screen-obsessed lives courtesy of new villain, Screenslaver, whose evil plan is to hypnotise the population via their screens.

Incredibles II is out now


B2b beats

Baptising Corsica Studio’s newly revamped Room 1 system is Orpheu, co-founder of Red Light Radio and beating heart of Amsterdam’s underground music scene, who will be joined by Australian producer Tornado Wallace. If this sounds like a potent partnership it’s because it is: with Wallace bringing his chugging Aussie Bush beats to accompany Orpheu’s own eclectic composition of sounds.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, upsammy, one of the most talked about young producers and resident of Amsterdam’s infamous De School will also be in attendance.Tickets are currently on second release, so act now.

Buy tickets here 

Food + Drink

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Nothing too fancy here, just a good, old-fashioned wing competition. That’s right, returning for a second year at King’s Cross West Handyside Canopy, Kerb are calling upon the best wings makers in the city to show off what they can do. This year, Morley’s, Butchies, Da Ja Chicken and Mother Flipper will be going head to head to see who can take home the illustrious honour of best wing in the city.

As well as lots of chicken to sample, guests can also expect a wing eating competition for those who feel they have something to prove. Either way, make sure you arrive with an appetite and an emergency bottle of milk.

Book tickets here.

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