This summer, Fendi are recreating the buzz of a traditional Roman piazza within Selfridges‘ London Corner Shop space.


Gallery: Fendi FW18

The new space will take the form of a Fendi Kiosk made up of several areas, each of which will aim to reprecate a part of Rome to life. Included in the programme is a balloon booth that will be dropping FENDI stamped balloons twice a day (catch one if you can), and the UK pre-launch of pieces featuring @hey_reilly’s  FW18 rendering of the Fendi/Fila logo.

Elsewhere, a new profile pic is up for grabs, with a retro photo booth that will allow visitors to take some snaps home from their trip. And if you feel like showing off about your expedition, the Kiosk will offer the chance for visitors to send a customised FENDI postcard direct from the space –with calligrapher on hand to write your message for you.

An integral part of the initiative is an exclusive collaboration with the famous Italian ice cream brand, Steccolecco. Renowned for their use of natural ingredients, Steccolecco will create two new and unique ice creams for the occasion. Balloons, selfies, postcards, ice cream and fashion – the only things missing are copious amounts of pasta and an ice cold negroni.

Fendi Kiosk at Selfridges Corner Shop runs 30th July – 2nd September 2018.