For Gucci‘s latest campaign, the fashion house are paying homage to the oddballs, fruitcakes and fanatics, the hoarders and collectors who live out their obsessions on Ebay, thrift stores and auction houses.

Because as Alessandro Michele well knows, it’s at these eccentric and far flung corners of society where the most interesting and interested dwell. A mismatch of cultures, eras and genres, the imagery is a perfect expansion of Michele’s own personal vision, since taking the helm at Gucci in 2015, the Italian designer has sent models down the runway in Looney Tunes motifs, Elton John glam, pieces inspired by Japanese Kabuki theatre and – last season – holding their own severed heads. Enter the Gucci tribe with a middle finger to the mainstream and a message that personal interest, no matter how quirky, always beats trend.

Shot by Glen Luchford, each image acts as a window into a niche world of fascination. Among these shrines are the well trodden collectables; cuckoo clocks, rare butterflies and kitsch china, interspersed among the slightly more… unusual desirables, such as wigs and toy cars. But hey, this a judgement free zone, where you can gush about your Trolls Dolls or Tamagotchis without fear of ridicule.

Gallery: Gucci FW18